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Organizations are living systems that require a fundamentally different management and design approach

Shifting Perspectives and Operations

With only 13% of people engaged at work, let's face it--how we manage and design organizations simply is not working. 

We've been treating organizations as if they are machines, pushing productivity and efficiency at the expense of long-term health. In this model, humans are resources that must be aligned on an org chart -- like cogs in a machine. But organizations are not machines. 

Organizations are complex living systems. And living systems require a very different management and design approach.

nRhythm helps organizations make the necessary shifts in their design and operations to align with a living systems approach. We call organizations who embrace this approach Regenerative Organizations.


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Experience a new level of potential by creating the necessary “fitness” to shift towards a regenerative mindset, behaviors, and practices.


Here's What People are Saying: 

nRhythm truly understands that holistically managed organizations function regeneratively with resilience, stability and higher productivity. nRhythm is developing the gold standard of organizational management for the future.

Allan Savory

President, Savory Institute

nRhythm’s work with our firm over the last year has helped us through a fundamental shift of perspective. They have helped us to see ourselves and our place in our market from an organic perspective, helping us to follow the timeless and proven patterns of natural world. This is resulting in greater health, life and energy in ourselves, our firm and in our network connections.

Kent Gregory

Principal, TGB Architects

nRhythm is helping leaders recognize the connection between work environments and the natural environment, enabling them to emulate how our natural environment can regenerate and thrive in the workplace. This is cutting edge thought leadership and has helped my organization in a profound way.

Finian Makepeace

Co-Founder, Kiss the Ground

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