Is Your Organization Thriving?

Discover if your organization is thriving with nRhythm’s free 10-question Thrive Assessment for Organizations in this mini workbook. 

At nRhythm, we recognize that many of the issues that we face in our organizations today – burnout, turnover, disengagement, communication silos, inconsistent performance – are symptoms of unhealthy organizational design.  


The good news? We can design differently. And it all begins with asking meaningful questions. To help teams understand whether their organization is thriving, we offer this mini workbook as a tool to reflect on its current condition. We encourage you to utilize the 10-question Thrive Assessment for Organizations within this mini workbook to discover if your organization is thriving.

Is Your Organization Thriving? Mini Workbook

This mini workbook gives you a pulse on whether your organization is thriving — and provides tools to shift towards healthier mindsets, behaviors, and practices.

3786 People Have Taken nRhythm's Health Assessments

nRhythm is on a mission to transform how we work and unleash potential in people and organizations. Monitoring the health of individuals and organizations through nRhythm's Health Assessments is an important part of this process. It is only by understanding what is that we can create the conditions that will enable us to thrive.


By participating in the Thrive Index for Organizations, you are supporting the movement to regenerate workplaces worldwide. Change begins with each of us. Thanks for joining us on this journey!







Here's What Our Clients Have to Say:

TGB embarked on redesigning our organization to enable health, engagement and empowerment with nRhythm in the fall of 2018. The OHI has provided a baseline and supporting structure to help us "see" qualitative data by measuring how regenerative our organization is. The true value of the OHI is that it gives us a visual tool, informed by all, to assist us in prioritizing and focusing the resources needed to evolve toward a healthy and vital organization.

Melissa Kelii

Principal/Owner | TGB Architects

If what you manage is complex rather than merely complicated, you need to manage it holistically. The nRhythm team is on the leading edge of applying the lens of holistic management to our increasingly complex organizations and lives.  The nRhythm team is who you want by your side when you are ready to design the organization and life that you and your team want.

Cory van Groningen

Farming Brother | VG Meats

We believe in doing business in a regenerative way and achieving outcomes through health, yet getting our finger on the pulse of what is healthy in our organization and what is not can be very illusive. The Organizational Health Index now gives us real-time, objective data we can immediately use to focus our attention where it needs to be. It is a powerful thing for any organization to have a means to be certain that what we intend is actually being experienced by those whom we lead and serve.

Sara van Rensberg

CEO | Colorado Thought Leaders Forum

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