Alexandra Groome Klement 



Unique Genius: Bringing Ideas to Life Through Connection






Who do you connect with and why? Who is your community?   


I grew up in a large family in the mountains of Canada. I love to connect with people who are curious, down to earth, like to have fun, and explore the world. I surround myself with deep, meaningful relationships. I strive to connect with people who have a diversity of perspectives -- by leaning into tension with curiosity and seeking to understand, we are one step closer to a regenerative future.   


What are you willing to struggle for?  


Working with complexity. Social systems and human beings are by nature complex. I am committed to learning to work with that complexity and bring out the uniqueness of all beings.  


Relationship. I strive to have meaningful, healthy relationships. 


What can you do with unlimited energy?   


Bringing ideas to life. When I’m inspired by an idea, I have endless energy to bring it to life – whether it’s a new product or program for nRhythm, a back country adventure, or being a resource for a friend to get a project off the ground.  


Connecting (with) people. I love bringing people together and making unlikely connections. Whether I’m hosting a dinner, or connecting a friend with a job opportunity, I am all about meaningful connection!  


Where did you come from? 


Raised by entrepreneurs in Montreal, I am passionate about creating conditions for a team to thrive while bringing world-changing ideas to life. I discovered that regenerative design is the key to addressing the world’s most complex challenges through experiencing that design can quickly degenerate the health of a system and its relationships. How we choose to design our collective work may be the biggest barrier to greater impact and real change.  


I have had the opportunity to have some incredible work adventures that have led me to this point and honed my operational and project management skills, including: managing international events for a network with members in 73 countries focused on the power of the internet to improve peoples’ lives; fundraising to plant 200k trees and support the climate resiliency of 3000+ smallholder farmers; managing a small grants program for the Web Foundation; co-creating a digital platform to map and connect the global regenerative agriculture movement; and customer development at a vertical farming start up.   


I’ve lived in 7 countries in Africa, Europe, and Central and North America. I’m fluent in French and speak conversational Spanish. I live in Minneapolis with my partner and dog.


What gives you energy? 


When I'm not working you will find me planning my next adventure. I love hiking, canoeing, traveling, experiencing new places and cultures, and gathering with friends with my partner (and dog!). If I’m not on the go, you’ll find me in the kitchen, practicing yoga, horseback riding, trying not to over water the plants in my garden or reading one of the 10 books I have on the go (and struggling to finish!). 

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