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Organizational Health

We actively support an organizational design that intentionally develops team members as active decision-makers, co-creators and collaborators. Organizational well-being is impossible without an ecosystem of committed team members, engaged partners and a thriving community. Our iterative and evolutionary approach is informed by a living systems design to address organizational roles and responsibilities, systems and processes as well as resource allocation and investment. We are actively involved in designing, creating and managing organizations who desire a more holistic and regenerative approach. We call this the Regenerative Organization.


“A living, evolving and naturally functioning organization where abundance and resilience are recurring outcomes of its underlying health.”

Guiding Principles

We believe that regenerative organizations are organized around the following guiding principles. These principles lead us in our design and decision-making, both with our clients and within our organization.



Growth and health. Creating the conditions for members of the ecosystem to grow and thrive through the health of the system. Beneficial contributors are nurtured within the environment of the organization. Regenerative organizations provide opportunities to both reveal and develop the individual genius that exists in all of us!



Decentralized and distributed. Life is designed to survive by redistributing decision-making throughout the system. Central power structures do increase short-term productivity and efficiency, but they also increase the inherent risk of the system. If the entire system can fail because of a central component, then its current design should be reconsidered.



Ever-changing to the environmental conditions. Life adapts and reorganizes to the changing environment. Without embracing change, both life and the supporting environment degrades. Regenerative organizations are designed to evolve and change, strengthening their resolve to be relevant in the future.



Uniqueness and the possibility of individual genius. Every member of this ecosystem is uniquely positioned to both benefit and provide benefit to others. We believe that every individual is unique and has the opportunity to utilize their specific genius. Regenerative organizations self-organize according to these geniuses within the greater context and purpose of the organization.



Inherent value and dependence in the other. Because of our inter-relatedness, we must recognize and care for those relationships that are both dependent and beneficial to the life of the organization. Life cannot exist without life. We need a thriving community of team members, clients and partners for abundance and resilience to emerge. We choose mutually-beneficial relationships as the foundation for a healthy environment.



Everything interrelated and dependent. We design and operate with the belief that all life is related to life. We reject the industrial/machine paradigm as being appropriate and relevant to life. We are not machines or parts of a machine. Since we are life, we must embrace and use a different decision-making framework which eliminates informational silos and individual expertise as primary considerations. Regenerative Organizations recognize and design with a holistic lens, valuing the entirety of the organizational ecosystem, while recognizing the roles and contributions of all team members, clients and partners.


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