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We invite you to learn more about our six guiding Regenerative Design Principles (RDPs).

Designing for Organizational Health


We actively support an organizational design that intentionally develops team members as active decision-makers, co-creators and collaborators. Organizational well-being is impossible without an ecosystem of committed team members, engaged partners and a thriving community. Our iterative and evolutionary approach is informed by a living systems design to address organizational roles and responsibilities, systems and processes as well as resource allocation and investment. We are actively involved in designing, creating and managing organizations who desire a more holistic and regenerative approach. We call this the Regenerative Organization.


“A living, evolving and naturally functioning organization where abundance and resilience are recurring outcomes of its underlying health.”

Our Six Guiding Regenerative Design Principles (RDPs)


We believe that regenerative organizations are organized around the following guiding principles. These principles lead us in our design and decision-making, both with our clients and within our organization.



 Growth and health of all members. We recognize that all members of living systems are in constant growth and development and that the health of system is dependent on the health of its members. We design and operate our organizations in a way that creates the conditions for all members to grow and thrive in conjunction with the health of the system. 





Decentralized and distributed. We recognize that living systems are not centrally controlled and organized and that resources and functions are distributed throughout the entire system. We design and operate our organizations in a way that does not rely on centralized command and control structures and allows all members of the system to be resourced, empowered decision-makers. 




Maintains a dynamic balance with ever-changing environmental conditions. We recognize that life creates the conditions for life. We design and operate in a way that both responds to and also creates change in our organizational environment to maintain a dynamic balance with constant change. 





Original and the possibility of individual genius. We recognize that each living system and every member of the system is unique and expresses their individual genius. We design and operate our organizations in a way that fosters the expression of the genius of all members within the greater context and purpose of the organization. 





Inherent value of all relationships. We recognize that in living systems regeneration, resilience, and abundance emerge from the diversity of interdependent relationships of all kinds in the system. We design and operate our organizations in a way that recognizes the complexity of our deep interdependence with our clients, suppliers, partners, and even competitors.   




The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We recognize that in living systems, regeneration, and life can only be understood when viewing the system as a whole. We design and operate in a way that values the entirety of the system and creates conditions for abundance, resilience, and impact to emerge from the interdependent contributions of all team members, clients, and partners.



How Does Your Organization Align with  Regenerative Principles?

We encourage you to utilize this Free Mini-Workbook as a tool to explore your business model's relationship with Regenerative Design Principles (RDPs) with your team and community.



nRhythm created the Regenerative Business Model Mini-Workbook, designed to help you discover if your business model is aligned with Regenerative Design Principles (RDPs).


We offer you this Mini Workbook as a starting point for meaningful conversations. Our work to evolve our business models towards embracing a regenerative approach requires an ongoing commitment to asking ourselves difficult questions. The conversation is everything and our work is never "complete." We encourage you to utilize this as a tool to explore your business model's relationship with RDPs with your team and community.


Everyone is a designer.

We've been treating organizations as if they are machines, pushing productivity and efficiency at the expense of long-term health. In this model, humans are resources that must be aligned on an org chart  just like cogs in a machine. But organizations (like humans) are not machines. Organizations are complex living systems. And living systems require a very different management and design approach. During nRhythm's Regenerative Design Lab, we  will support you to make the necessary shifts to design in a way that aligns with a living systems approach.


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