The Regenerative Designer’s Mindset

RIAS Quarterly | Summer 2021 Edition | 

Rural Architecture

Photo credit:  Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

This summer, nRhythm was invited to write an article for the Royal Incorporation of Architects Scotland (RIAS) Summer 2021 Edition. In collaboration with our partners TGB Architects, we wrote a piece on cultivating a regenerative mindset. 

"The mindset of a regenerative designer is first and foremost to focus on creating conditions for health and potential. Outcomes and performance become a by-product of a healthy system."

Drawing from the wisdom of living systems and stories of regenerative potential from White Oak Pastures, Reviveolution, and the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, nRhythm and TGB Architects explore the role of a regenerative designer and how this applies to the built environment.


Regeneration is becoming a hot topic in many industries. But regeneration is not just the latest trend. It's a process and approach rooted deeply in a systemic view of life. It's an approach that recognizes that our current way of designing and managing systems is leading to degradation of soils, souls, and society and that we need a new approach.


In this article, you'll discover:

  • How systemic issues like burnout, disengagement, inequity, and climate change are all rooted in the underlying paradigms of how we choose to design
  • How shifting from a mechanistic to a living systems approach to design can regenerate potential on land and in social systems
  • How regeneration can be applied to architecture and the built environment
  • What each of us can do to shift our mindsets, behaviors, and practices

Find nRhythm on page 50-51

We hope you enjoy this publication! It is jam-packed with incredibly inspiring stories from rural reality, relevance, and regeneration. You'll discover farm-based co-working spaces, creative building regeneration for creative people, Ireland's first rural digital hub, and much more.


A huge thank you to the incredible guest editor Rosemary Scrimgeour from Building Workshop for the invitation to contribute. Here's a quote that inspired us from her letter:


"We need to open our eyes, our ears, and our minds. The answers to all of our biggest challenges exist already and are dotted around the world. What we need to do is connect, share, and focus on what really matters.”

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