Regenerative Resource Portal

nRhythm and Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF) have teamed up to offer resources on bringing health and potential to organizations in CTLF's community.


nRhythm is offering the CTLF community a variety of resources to engage with, which you can access below. This includes:

  1. Free webinars
  2. Mini Workbooks
  3. Leadership Challenges
  4. Online Courses
  5. Online Workshops

If you have any questions or if there is anything else we can support you on, please let us know! 




The nRhythm Team


Introduction to Regenerative Organizations

This webinar will give you a quick introduction to why we are focusing on Regenerative Organizations. You will learn about the potential of a living systems approach to organizational design and management.


Who is this for? This is for anyone who is brand new to Regenerative Organizations. We encourage everyone to start here!

Mini Workbooks

nRhythm's Mini Workbooks are designed to help you discover yourself and support you on your journey towards regeneration. 


Who is this for? Anyone who is seeking to apply a regenerative approach personally or within their team.

Regenerative Leadership Practices

nRhythm;s Regenerative Leadership Practices (RLP's) are a series of five, 7-day challenges designed to support your shift to a regenerative mindset, behaviors, and practices while building your regenerative leadership capacity in your role at work.


How does it work? Each Practice is 7-days long, you'll receive emails and a mini-workbook with daily exercises. Enroll for the Practice of your choice below!


Who is this for? Anyone who is seeking to apply a regenerative approach to leadership personally or within their team.


Teams or individuals seeking to discover their unique genius as a leader.


Teams or individuals seeking to grow their ability to adapt and evolve as a leader.


Teams or individuals seeking to increase endurance and health as a leader.


Teams or individuals building a foundation as a leader by starting with the big picture.


Teams or individuals exploring resilience in their role & network as a leader.

Regenerative Leadership Program

Foundations of Regenerative Organizations

In this course, the nRhythm team will take you on a journey to help you discover how you can design and manage your team, project, or organization as a Regenerative Organization where thriving members, resilience, and value and wealth creation are recurring outcomes of its underlying health.  


Who is this for? This course is for anyone who wishes to get the foundations of a regenerative approach. We encourage all team members take this course. 

nRhythm's Regenerative Framework

Design Lab

Design Lab is a 4-week online workshop that helps you take an idea, project, or team and design it using nRhythm's Regenerative Design approach. You'll learn Regenerative Design Principles and nRhythm's Regenerative Framework by putting it into practice with your own project. You'll emerge with the start of a new implementation plan and a toolkit you can use in your work again and again. 


Who is this for? This workshop is for individuals or teams who want to design or de-design a project, program, product, or team in a regenerative way and put nRhythm's design approach to work.   

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