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Our Design Sprints are free live design sessions with leaders across a variety of industries and are for anyone interested in systems change locally and globally. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming sprints.

What are Design Sprints?

At nRhythm we recognize that the complex issues that we face today — inequity, climate change, food security, drought, desertification — are design issues. It’s time for a re-design. 


Using living systems as inspiration and nRhythm's Regenerative Framework, we talk to leaders across a variety of industries about re-imagining the systems we are a part of and what shifts need to take place in order to inspire and ignite systems change locally and globally.


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Explore Past nRhythm Design Sprints

Reimagining the Institution of Live Arts as an Agent of Social Change

Using nRhythm’s Regenerative Design Framework, we will explore Innovations in Non-profit Live Arts presenting, post-COVID with The Crossing’s Jonathan Bradley.  


On this Design Sprint, we discuss topics such as:  

  1. Institutionalization vs Impact  

  2. What the pandemic showed us all 

  3. New ways forward 

Re-Creating Community: Embracing Race and Raising a Brave Generation Together

Using nRhythm’s Regenerative Design Framework, we will explore the complex, interconnected challenges and opportunities regarding racial justice, children’s learning, community building, and multiracial democracy with EmbraceRace’s Melissa Giraud and Andrew Grant-Thomas.


On this Design Sprint, we discuss topics such as:

  • The opportunity to re-create the dynamics of multiracial community in the United States
  • The work of raising a generation of children who are informed and brave about race
  • Raising a generation of children who fully humanize themselves and each other across lines of race and ethnicity. 

Regenerating Democracy in the USA with Josh Silver

In this Design Sprint we explored regenerating democracy in the USA from a post-partisan, long-game, complex systems perspective. The 2020 Election and the January 6th capitol insurgency has forced us all to recognize the fragile state of democracy in the USA and ask what it needs to be regenerated and restored. However, for Josh Silver, Founder and Director of RepresentUs, none of this was a surprise. It is a result of 50 years of deepening system failure that fosters extremism, corruption and gridlock.

Free, Fair and Alive - The Insurgent Power of the Commons for Regeneration

In this Design Sprint, David Bollier, activist, blogger and leading independent scholar on the Commons and nRhythm will explore how commoning offers a way to re-imagine economics, politics, and culture in systemic ways. We will reflect on the patterns and principles of living systems and how regenerative practices of commoning are playing out in ecological stewardship, digital spaces, relocalization, and numerous arenas.

How Regeneration Can Transform the Built Environment

In this Design Sprint, Melissa Kelii, Principal at TGB Architects, and nRhythm explore how regeneration can transform the built environment. Using nature as inspiration and principles of living systems, we will discuss how we can transform our approach to designing and managing the built environment and imagine a pathway to get there.  

Imagining a Regenerative Agricultural System with Finian Makepeace

In this Design Sprint, Finian Makepeace, Co-Founder of Kiss the Ground, and nRhythm explore new possibilities and design for the current global agricultural system. Using nature as inspiration and principles of living systems, we will re-imagine the role of agriculture in our local, national, and international communities and the structures needed to support a shift towards a regenerative approach.

Imagining a Regenerative Economy with John Fullerton

In this Design Sprint, John Fullerton, Founder & President of the Capital Institute, and nRhythm explore new possibilities and design for our current economic system. Using nature as inspiration and principles of living systems, we will re-imagine economics and the role it plays in local, national or international communities.

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