August 4 and 6 

Foundations of Regenerative Organizations

Manage and Design Organizations with Life in Mind

The traditional hierarchical, mechanistic model of organizations is failing us, our communities, and our planet. We need to radically reimagine our organizations as complex living systems that unleash potential and create the conditions for abundance and resilience to emerge.  


In this course, the nRhythm team will take you on a journey to design and manage your organization as a Regenerative Organization where thriving members, resilience, and value and wealth creation are recurring outcomes of its underlying health.  

    • Live, online -- Join from anywhere in the world

    • 1:1 with nRhythm team

    • Learn with an experienced team (40+ combined years experience in managing and designing organizations)

    "The course was a powerful deep dive into how to apply living systems frameworks to design an organization. I learned new tools, step-by-step processes, powerful frameworks and most fulfilling of all I now how a deeper understanding of what life and living is. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in designing and creating an abundant diverse and resilient future."

    Amanda Ravenhill


    What You'll Get:

    • 2 interactive, online classes (2 hours each) 

    • 1:1 session with a member of the nRhythm Team

    • 25% discount on nRhythm's Regenerative Design Lab

    • Lifetime access (recordings, exercises, and links)

    • Resources and worksheets to build your practice 

    • 100% money back guarantee 

    What You'll Learn:

    • Living systems science and how it informs how we design and manage organizations, networks, and communities

    • A new mindset for how you approach your work 

    • nRhythm's Regenerative Framework, a radically different framework for organizational design and management

    • The core concepts of Regenerative Organizations

    Course Details

    Upcoming Dates


    August 4 and 6, 12:00 - 2:00 pm ET


    If you cannot make this time and there is another time you'd prefer, please email us so that we can take it into consideration for planning future courses.



    Session 1: Regenerative Organizations: Principles of Regeneration & Living Systems


    Session 2: Designing & Managing with the Regenerative Framework




    Attend this course online from anywhere in the world. All classes are live and recorded in case you miss a session or want to take it at your own pace.

    What People Are Saying

    "The nRhythm Foundations of Regenerative Organizations course was enlightening and inspiring. As the world changes and evolves our organizations need to evolve concurrently. In effort to model after adaptive, resilient, and interdependent characteristics of natural systems, nRhythm does an excellent job of breaking that down into a useable, informative framework for any organization."

    Joe Matta


    "The course was super inspiring! It helped me really see and feel organizations as complex living beings and gave me tools to treat them and the people who comprise them with the respect and care that all life needs to flourish."

    Jared Wood


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    Course Facilitators 

    Dr. Jeffrey Su

    Tre' Cates

    Jennifer Cates

    Alexandra Groome Klement

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