Podcast: Alexandra Groome Klement's Path to Regenerative Organizations

Alexandra Groome Klement, operations manager at nRhythm, was recently interviewed on Soil Centric's Unconventional Paths Podcast. In this conversation, Alex tracks her expanding idea of regeneration throughout her career. Hear how Alex was first struck by regenerative agriculture’s ability to fight climate change, what her “unique genius” is, and how she found her way to organizational design.


Alex believes that in order for land to be regenerative, people must be regenerative. According to Alex, we should think of ourselves, businesses, and communities as living systems, where abundance and resilience are the outcomes of a healthy system.


Listen to the podcast 

Check out Alex's guide on Soil Centric's website




Listen to this episode of Unconventional Paths with Alexandra Groome Klement, Operations Manager of nRhythm.

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