Rachel Pretorius



Unique Genius: Creating Space For Connection










Who do you connect with and why? Who is your community?   


Valuing diversity, l like to connect with curious individuals, out-the-box thinkers and those who honour uniqueness. Being close to nature energizes me and I love exploring the outdoors with family, friends, my dogs and likeminded people. As an enthusiastic home chef, I believe one of the best ways to build relationships and community is around a table laden with quality, homemade food.


What are you willing to struggle for?  


I am willing to struggle to forge deep, meaningful relationships: I will protect and nurture my connection with friends, family and people close to my heart. Bringing people together in a way that ignites positive change in communities and work environments is important to me.


What can you do with unlimited energy?   


With unlimited energy, by being vulnerable, I am able to create the conditions for deep conversations which build real connections. I thrive when supporting people to discover their purpose and to find energy for life, relationships and work.


Where did you come from? 


Born and raised in a city, as a young teen I moved with my family to a remote farm nestled at the foot of a rugged mountain in the heart of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  Living here has transformed my understanding of the connection between nature and people, highlighting the importance of family values, simplicity, a wholesome lifestyle and open spaces.


Drawn to diverse interactions with people, I have developed skills linked to hospitality, food, marketing and applying the Regenerative Framework to everyday life. I love facilitating interpersonal relationships and conversations that create the conditions for healthy work and personal environments.


What gives you energy? 


If not cooking up a delicious creation in the kitchen, I am on the trail exploring the outdoors with my dogs. I’m known for dreaming up ambitious schemes that will connect friends and family, whether hiking mountains, planning elaborate Christmas gatherings and birthday celebrations. It's all about connection!

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