Record High Engagement in the Workplace​


We all want more engagement in the workplace, but this has been a difficult and continual challenge for most organizations.


Jim Harter, the Chief Scientist at Gallup, just published an article detailing the “4 Factors Driving Record-High Employee Engagement in U.S.” Gallup found that in 2019, the percentage of "engaged" workers in the U.S. reached an all time high of 35%. Harter attributes this record high engagement to a culture of development. He goes on to say that organizations that create the conditions for people to develop have the highest engagement.


“These organizations have focused on creating high-development cultures, where people can see their impact on the organization and its customers through their work. They have opportunities to develop their strengths and purpose into a career.” You can find the full article here.


Here is our take-aways based upon the 4 factors: 

  1. Management. The leadership of the organization must model a highly developmental approach. We should not assign this responsibility to the human resources department. Employee engagement is a whole-company responsibility and a healthy organizational environment is a strategic priority.
  2. Developmental. We need to train our teams to create an environment that supports people’s development. Management must change from a “boss” culture to one that allows for growth.
  3. Communication. A strong communication network needs to exist to effectively share relevant and meaningful information across the entire organization. We need to do away with silos!
  4. Accountability. A culture of accountability and clear expectations create the conditions for better decision-making and organizational outcomes.

What are the results of implementing this kind of workplace environment? Harter says that in the most recent study including more than 82,000 teams in 230 organizations -- and 1.8 million employees -- across 49 industries and in 73 different countries, organizations that had higher levels of engagement…

  • produce substantially better outcomes,
  • treat customers better and attract new ones and
  • are more likely to remain with their organization.

This new focus and change in management is not about pleasing a new generation of workers. This is about creating the conditions for you, your teams, and customers to thrive.


If you need to support in making these kinds of changes in your workplace, please check out our free webinars or upcoming online course Organizations that Unleash Potential.

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