Regenerative Slam™ - We All Have A Gift​

Last fall, nRhythm's Founding Director Tre' Cates spoke at the Regenerative Earth Summit. In his talk "We All Have a Gift," Tre' shares his journey to regeneration and offers hope for the current generation and those to come. The key? Embracing the uniqueness that exists in each of us.


Read some of our favorite excerpts or watch the full talk below:


"From the pandemic, to Black Lives Matter, and the current state of the climate and the natural environments, we need to believe that all of this can be better. However, this requires, I believe, an incredible shift in thinking. An opportunity to see the world through a different lens. And I'm talking about seeing yourself that way, your team, your organization, your communities -- actually our global community -- very differently. It's not a small shift, it's a massive shift in how we see ourselves and one another and it will take all of us to make this shift a reality." 


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"There in lies the shift, the opportunity. What Allan Savory did is he bucked the status quo on the current thinking of the day and began reframing the conversation from desertification to regeneration. And if we can create the conditions for life, then life will emerge full of potential, but it's about creating those conditions. What we saw in the man-made deserts of the world became hectares of hope vs. despair. Imagine 5 billion hectares of hope. When everyone else saw degradation and displacement, Allan saw regeneration and potential, inherent beautiful and unrealized potential waiting to be unleashed. It was transformational for me." 


"For centuries, maybe even longer, we have designed our organizations, our institutions, our public policies, our societies in a way that have degraded our very souls. We have seen people as parts in a cog, commoditized and replaceable, and we continue to design that way -- even unknowingly designed that way. This has persisted to the point that we've designed structures that have dehumanized, displaced, and degraded our communities across our entire planet. Physical, mental, and emotional well-being has been extracted from our most precious communities and economic opportunity has been redirected. We've reduced our soils to dirt, our people to parts, and societies to machines that have killed the very life that sustains us. But I think we have a choice. We can see these people and these communities as wasteland, or we can see this as unrealized potential -- the 7.8 billion people in the world is our biggest hope. It's not degradation, it's full on societal regeneration. They have a gift, we all have a gift, a beautiful contribution to the world that we live in. The gift is unique to each one of us. We all have it. A uniqueness, a genius that we bring into the world. What does that look like for our institutions, our organizations, our communities to create conditions for your uniqueness to be realized in the context of your community?"


"Revealing genius in others should be one of the greatest priorities and motivations for leadership in the workplace, in our communities and in our societies."


"We are not machines. We are unique members of a living system. [...] We need to nurture that uniqueness, that livingness, to be able to solve all the things we are talking about. It does not get there through industrialized processes. It will continue to degrade us. It will continue to separate us. It will continue to make it more difficult for us to connect in a way that could be transformational. There are so many lessons from nature. There are so many lessons from indigenous cultures. There are so many lessons from people if we just listen."


The third Regenerative Earth Summit in this 4-part series will focus on Finance, Technology & Policy and takes place February 24-25, 2021 (10am-2pm MT). Over the course of two days, this Summit will address what investing in a regenerative world looks like, finance barriers to overcome, innovations in technology, and policies that can create the missing infrastructure and incentives to advance adaption of both regenerative agriculture and a regenerative-focused economy. As always, the summit will provide opportunity for Q&A and discussion with speakers and panelists as well as amongst attendees.​

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