Begin Your Regenerative Journey

Unleash your potential by embarking on a journey towards regeneration.

From a Mechanistic to Living Systems Approach

We’ve been treating organizations as if they are machines, pushing productivity and efficiency at the expense of long-term health. The consequences of utilizing this machine approach can be seen on a planetary scale from record breaking employee disengagement rates to dwindling biodiversity and social inequities.


But organizations are not machines. Organizations are complex living systems full of potential waiting to be released! nRhythm helps organizations make the necessary shifts in their design and operations from a mechanistic to a living systems approach:

  • From parts to wholes: Wholes within wholes

  • From competition to collaboration: Within and between organizations

  • From recipes to responses​: Co-designing for adaptation and resilience​, solutions are context and community specific 

  • From prediction to pattern​: Creating conditions for health and emergence

  • From extraction to equity​: People are the energy source, focusing on the development of the whole versus the few

  • From centralized power to decentralized empowerment​: Intelligent and resourced decision making

We call organizations who embrace this approach Regenerative Organizations.


Begin shifting your mindset by discovering regeneration and its application to organizations, networks, communities, and even your role at work. Here are a few ways to begin exploring:

  • Shift your mindset from a mechanistic to a living systems approach by watching an introductory webinar. 

  • Discover how regeneration can be put to work to re-design economies, supply chains, industries and more utilizing nRhythm's Regenerative Framework and Regenerative Design Principles. 


Are you ready to take the next step as an individual and/or team to build a new foundation in regeneration? A commitment to ongoing development is essential to shift our mindset and behaviors. By rethinking how we approach our individual and organizational work, genuine transformation can take place. These resources will support you in building individual and organizational capacity in regeneration.

  • Begin your commitment to your own regenerative development. Break down your patterns and beliefs and re-organize them to regenerate your potential. Or, dig deep to discover your unique genius and explore how you bring it to life in the world.

  • The Regenerative Leadership Practices (RLP's) are a series of five, 7-day challenges designed to support your shift to a regenerative mindset, behaviors, and practices while building your regenerative leadership capacity in your role at work. In these 7-day challenges, you will engage in a practice alongside change-makers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, students, and creatives worldwide to build your foundation; develop your ability to adapt and evolve; grow your capacity to persevere; cultivate your community of support; and ultimately realize your unique genius. 

  • Develop your understanding of living systems science, as well as nRhythm's Regenerative Framework and Regenerative Design Principles in order to grow your capacity to apply this work in your organizational context.


In addition to shifts in our beliefs, mindsets and behaviors, our roles, organizations and work need a completely new design. Using nRhythm's Regenerative Framework, we work with you to design new environments for teams, organizations, and collaborations. Imagine a framework that ensures freedom and flexibility to design what is meaningful and relevant to your context. Embracing a principled approach, we explore and reimagine a new way to see work and the roles we play in it.

  • Design begins with understanding and being radically honest about what is. Take the first step in understanding by assessing the underlying health and design of your organization, community, network or industry with the Health Index.

  • Engage in a 4-week journey to design your team, organization, project, or new wild emergent idea as a complex living system utilizing nRhythm's Regenerative Framework and Regenerative Design Principles. 


Continue to evolve and grow your regenerative capacity with others on this journey. You will see unlimited potential within nRhythm's Regenerative Framework when you begin to do this work in relationship with others.

  • Grow your community and capacity by joining a global network of people putting nRhythm's Regenerative Framework to work in their local contexts. 

  • Need more 1:1 support? Team up with nRhythm on a custom engagement with your organization, network, or community.

Why nRhythm?

  • Flexible Frameworks. A Structured Process to Support Improved Decision-Making 

    Every organization is a  complex social system. Better organize your projects, team, or organization to ensure the outcomes you desire. 

  • Design Principles. A Radical New Way to Design

    Every organization is unique. Use principles to design solutions that are unique and flexible to your context.

  • Organizational Context. Identifying and Designing With Your Purpose

    Working with teams to better understand its purpose to ensure that structures & strategies are in alignment.

  • Organizational Health. Nurturing Conditions for Teams to Thrive

    Creating organizational environments that allow for customers to be served, team members to thrive and strategic partners to be actively engaged in the success of the mission.

  • Relevant Practices. Team Activities Customized for Your Own Context

    No more "best practices"! Design customized and relevant team practices that regenerate potential.

  • Potential Realized.

    Identify insights into unleashing your team's full potential.  

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