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Who do you connect with and why? Who is your community?   


I was born in Boulder, Colorado and recently moved back after attending Syracuse University in Upstate New York. I always surrounded herself with people who love nature, traveling, and getting outside. 


What are you willing to struggle for?  


Behavioural Change: I am willing to struggle to see a change in behaviour towards one another and our planet in my lifetime – starting with myself. I'd like to see our world embrace a more compassionate, collaborative, and regenerative relationship towards our environmental and social impact. 


Right Relationship: I am willing to struggle to learn from all different types of people about what it looks like to build supportive relationships in a thriving family, friend group, community, organization, network and global society. I am devoted to learning and exploring the complexities of right relationships and bring unity and collaboration out of our interconnectedness. 


What can you do with unlimited energy?   


Design. I have unlimited energy to create positive change by working with others to re-imagine, shape, and piece together the dream of a better world that we all know is possible. 


Where did you come from? 


After starting a video marketing startup in the tourism industry while I was in college, I was introduced to the potential of regenerating our ecosystems through previous client work with Kapawi Ecolodge, Pachamama Alliance & The Achuar Indigenous Nation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I am passionate about using my skills in project management, design, and storytelling to bring regenerative principles into the design and management of organizations. 

I bring a unique combination of creative leadership and operations management into our work. My work with nRhythm ignites my purpose in designing a brighter future for all living beings on our planet. 


What gives you energy outside of work? 


Talk to anyone close to me and you will quickly learn that what I think about, dream about and speak about is food 24/7. If I am not in the kitchen or my garden, I'm skiing, hiking, biking, or climbing in the Rocky Mountains with my family and friends. 

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Suite. 128 Boulder, CO 80305

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