Tre' Cates




Unique Genius: Seeing Patterns of Potential 





Who do you connect with and why? Who is your community?   


I am deeply inspired by being in the outdoors. Running, hiking, exploring trails in the mountains and forests. I am moved by the beauty and the deep interconnections I get to experience while moving through these different landscapes. 


I also receive enormous energy in community. nRhythm's community is my tribe...I love to see the diversity and potential that is emerging and its impact in the world. I get very excited about bringing my genius to the entire ecosystem.  


What are you willing to struggle for?  


Health and Potential! 


What can you do with unlimited energy?   


I have unlimited energy in being outside and with people in community. Specifically, I love supporting individuals and organizations on an authentic journey of exploration for their uniqueness and how to bring it into the world!  


Where did you come from? 


I grew up in Dallas, Texas, USA. I was the oldest of 3 kids. My dad was a truck driver and small business owner and my mom owned a small secretarial service. I experienced the innerworkings of starting a new family business from the age of 10. The entire family would be engaged in running all aspects of the business. Sitting idle meant something was wrong...movement was a sign of health! There was a strong commitment to faith/spirituality as a means to influencing our work in the world. I went to Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, USA. I received a BA in Philosophy and Biblical Studies. This is where I met Jen and we married in December of 1992. We moved back to Texas and then I finished my Masters in Theology from Southwestern Seminary. I felt a deep calling to serve people, but I found out quickly that traditional religious structures were going to limit our potential. We moved from Texas to Colorado, USA to a new life and community! We wanted to live life with people so we began the process of starting new businesses, faith communities and community organizations. We raised two incredible people, Trevor and Preston, who are exploring life with deep curiosity. So much to share and so little space ;)   


What gives you energy? 


Everything above!! 

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