Thrive at Work: Discover Your Unique Genius 

By nRhythm

Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them. - Buckminster Fuller 

What if you could truly be yourself at work and use that whole self to do amazing things? Most organizations hire and manage according to individual skill sets and experience and their associated roles. Doing it this way allows management to plan and execute a neatly drawn game plan to plug workers into jobs that need to be done in the organization. This practice commoditizes and reduces the inherent value of people to something that is easily measured--what they are worth to the company. Rather than cultivate and celebrate each person’s uniqueness, workplaces have traditionally encouraged people to show up as their “professional self,” leaving the rest at the door. This comes at great cost to employee potential. 



Download your "My Unique Genius Mini-Workbook"

A study by Deloitte found that more than half of employees cover up some part of their identity at work to try to fit in, which negatively impacts an individual’s sense of self and diminishes their commitment to the organization. Traditionally, the role we play at work is a small part of who we are as a person, but on average we spend one-third of our life in a work environment. That is a long time to suppress who we really are. It’s no wonder so many workplaces feel lifeless, and studies back this up, indicating that in a typical corporation 40-60% of employees are disengaged!  


Designing for Unique Genius  


Regenerative organizations encourage individuals to discover their uniqueness – their “unique genius” – and utilize it in a way that best benefits the whole organization. They encourage people to bring their whole selves to work—their passions, their strengths, their quirks and uniqueness---sometimes even their partners, their kids, their dogs or even a cause they are championing! When we leave a part of us behind, we remove part of our potential, creativity and energy. But when we bring our entire self to a cause, role, or project, extraordinary things can happen.  


Your genius is a combination of your purpose, passion, and place, all in one. Here’s how nRhythm’s Community of Practice member, Sara van Rensberg from Colorado Thought Leaders Forum, defines genius:  


“Your genius is that part of you, that lens, that something you bring to every single thing you do. It’s what and how you’re always going to do things, how you see things a certain way. You’re always going to bring this gift forward because it’s your strength. Whether you’re at work, or volunteering at your kids’ school, or at your family reunion—you are still going to be that person, you’re going to bring that genius, because it is you, and you can’t escape it.” 

Workplaces that embrace regenerative principles and actively seek to engage each team member’s unique genius attract and retain highly motivated people who are deeply engaged --the perfect conditions for organizational abundance and resilience. 


So, How Can You Discover Your Unique Genius?  

nRhythm created the My Unique Genius Mini-Workbook, designed to help you begin to discover your unique genius by exploring your purpose, passions and place in life. The self-reflective prompts and exercises in this mini-workbook will help you start to discover where your energy is naturally flowing and help align your work with your potential.  


Download your copy! 



Download your "My Unique Genius Mini-Workbook"

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