About Us 

Our Equity Commitment

nRhythm is committed to creating and nurturing organizations, institutions and systems that regenerate people, communities, ecosystems and relationships of all kinds. For us, regeneration is not possible without equity, diversity, inclusion and justice. We strive to be an organization that is actively reversing historic societal injustices by creating an environment where all members are actively designing and evolving structures that fosters equity in decision-making, power, information, and resources.  

nRhythm is committed to honestly and radically working to reverse all mindsets, behaviors, policies, and practices that have been intentionally designed and/or unintentionally adopted to give power, privilege, and advantage to one group of humans over others, one way of knowing and beliefs over others, and humans over other species. We are committed to disrupting the current dominant design of organizations, institutions, and systems in all sectors that we recognize to be based on a mechanistic, reductionist, and extractive model that primarily arose in Western Europe, has been imposed on the world through colonialism, slavery, white supremacy, patriarchy, and all other systems of oppression, and is advanced and reinforced by industrial economic models and markets.

nRhythm understands that these commitments will continue to evolve. We invest in continuing to learn, develop and evolve ourselves, our organization, and our approaches. In this context, we offer this statement as one expression of our continuing work for equity and justice and we embrace all questions, diverse perspectives and dialogue from our community.

Our Global Network

We are a global team, working with a global ecosystem of partners from different locations. Discover where we each live by visiting Meet The Team.

We Are A Virtual Team

From the start, nRhythm has been a virtual team. We intentionally choose to live into the quality of life we value as a team:


"We desire a quality of life that is fun, adventurous, and alive. We thrive as individuals and as a team because of our freedom, flexibility, and shared life experiences. We actualize our full potential. We bring our whole selves and value the intimacy and support from trusted relationships."

Meet The Team

 Our team's strengths lie in our diverse backgrounds and industries from regenerative

agriculture and conservation biology to sports marketing, entertainment, and consumer products 

to tech start-ups and entrepreneurship to social justice activism and community organizing. 

In addition to this, we are international explorers, enthusiastic cooks, outdoor adventurers,

animal lovers and globe trotters.  

Introducing Our Partners

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