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nRhythm is the product of over 45 years of combined experience designing, operating, and resourcing organizations, networks, and communities working to address the world's most complex social and environmental issues on six continents.


Our collective talents and wisdoms include management consulting, executive leadership coaching, fundraising, project management, sales, and business development in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.


Our team's strengths lie in our diverse backgrounds and sectors--from regenerative agriculture and conservation biology, to tech startups and entrepreneurship, to community organizing and development. ​

Our Story

nRhythm was founded in 2009 by Tre’ Cates as a management consulting firm in Boulder, Colorado. In early 2014, Tre’ and his team began the development of a new framework for organizational design and development in response to crippling impediments they observed consistently in organizations, governments, and communities around the world.


The result was the nRhythm Regenerative Framework, which takes a holistic, living systems-based approach to organizational design and management. This new framework was first used by the Savory Institute to design and manage a multi-stakeholder and multicultural network of partner organizations in over 20 countries. ​

In 2016, nRhythm expanded its reach to a diverse group of organizations interested in exploring this new approach including manufacturing, technology, business networks, cross-sector collaboratives, food services, health and wellness, non-profit, agriculture, and financial firms.


nRhythm has worked on multi-million dollar projects including diverse multi-stakeholder groups of communities and non-governmental organizations as well as federal, state, and local governments. In addition, nRhythm provides organizations with financial and operational support to manage high growth or change-management situations.

Meet Our Team

Managing Director

Tre' Cates

Consulting with organizations in a variety of industries across 6 continents and 35 countries, Tré has proven to be indispensable in designing, developing, and implementing an organization’s purpose for the future. His industry experience is very diverse from the development of faith-based community organizations, a publicly-traded technology company, to a multinational organization working in 20+ countries. Tré has a BA in Philosophy from Ouachita Baptist University and a MA in Theology from Southwestern seminary.

Director of Client Support

Jennifer Cates

With over twenty years in operational and human-resource leadership positions, Jen is responsible for overseeing the outsourced management division of nRhythm. Her expertise is in designing and creating employee retention and engagement programs, which include both individual well-being resources and community volunteering projects. Additionally, she is responsible for the staffing, management and implementation of primary strategies for specific client’s operations.

Managing Director

Dr. Jeffrey Su

Dr. Jeffrey Su has led a diverse and international career as an ecologist, academic, executive director, consultant and psychotherapist in the USA, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Throughout his career Jeff has applied systems thinking and holistic approaches to help organizations address the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time. Jeff applies systems thinking to his own life experience and development through a dedicated Buddhist practice. He holds a Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Science and a graduate degree in Holistic Psychology.

Artist in Residence

Lon Vining

Lon is an experienced leader whose innovative thinking, humanitarian heart and artistic skills belie a diverse background as an entrepreneur, performer, non-profit leader, and journalist. He started a successful tech sales company in Boulder, Colorado with nRhythm’s Tre’ Cates and went on to be a part of founding six other organizations in three diverse sectors–restaurant/hospitality, non-profit/religious, and entertainment/animation (studio). His diverse background is a plus when helping others understand the broad principles of healthy organizational design, and how to put them into practice in any type of organization. Outside of his business interests, Lon enjoys a vigorous creative life as a published writer, poet, songwriter, and a semi-professional vocalist, where he most recently performed the lead role, Gabriel, in the heralded animated musical The Promise: Birth of the Messiah (DVD, Glorious Films). Hailing from Arkansas, his projects have taken him to live in various, disparate locations in the US and the world including Tanzania, East Africa, Montreal, Canada, Dallas, Texas, Boulder, Colorado, and his present home, Northwest Arkansas–the fastest-growing economic region of the US.  Lon loves to leverage his unique life and work to help others gain fresh perspectives to tackle difficult challenges and spawn new ideas that create abundant, regenerative outcomes–for themselves, their organizations, their families and their communities–to make a difference in the world.

Operations Manager

Alexandra Groome Klement

Alex has collaborated with and led a diversity of teams at international networks and nonprofits for the past six years, tackling complex environmental, social and organizational challenges. Through her work in regenerative agriculture, Alex discovered her passion for helping organizations apply regenerative principles to their organizations in order to enable them to thrive. She has a BAH in Environmental Studies from Queen’s University (Canada).

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