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About nRhythm's Regenerative Design Lab


What if we designed our workplaces, projects, products, even our communities in a way where abundance and well-being was the natural outcome? 


Every time a person, business, brand, organization, or project infuses nRhythm's Regenerative Design Principles into their organizational ecosystem, we are all one step closer to planetary well-being. Why? Because we use living systems as our guide. 


During the live Design Lab, we will support you to design, create, and manage with a more holistic and regenerative approach. The result: Organizational health and unleashed potential. 


The Opportunity:

The Regenerative Design Lab is an opportunity to design your project, team, or organization using a regenerative, living systems approach. With a variety of different engagement opportunities, we will support you on an intentional design journey using nRhythm's Regenerative Principles & Regenerative Framework. As guides, we will provide both time and resources to develop a meaningful, culturally relevant, context specific design. No prescriptions! Your customized design will enable new potential and begin creating the conditions for your teams to thrive.    


Every session is structured to enable you as a designer to understand the “living” dynamics of complex systems (projects and organizations).


We will use the Regenerative Principles and Regenerative Framework to both inform and guide you through a design process that will honor the principles of living systems (Holism, Interdependence, Uniqueness, Evolutionary, Nodal and Developmental) while utilizing flexible frameworks (Context, Health, Structures, Work and Abundance) to guide your decision-making and ultimately a meaningful and relevant design. 


In each session, you'll have space and time to design your project. During this time, you will begin applying the information gained in the workshop to your specific design project. With the support of nRhythm and peer to peer learning with your fellow participants, you will begin to create a design that enables your purpose, releases new potential while increasing the health of the system. nRhythm will be an active resource supporting questions, clarifications, and ideas during this process.


After the Regenerative Design Lab, you'll have the opportunity to schedule one-to-one mentoring sessions with members of nRhythm to support your regenerative design. 

Here's what's included:

  • 20+ hours of workshops, design support, mentorship, and community

  • A completed Regenerative Plan

  • An invitation to join nRhythm's Community of Practice (membership is free)

  • 2 x mentoring sessions after course completion

  • Lifetime access to course content (recordings, exercises, and links)

  • Certificate upon course completion

  • 100% money back guarantee 

What Design Lab Graduates Are Saying:

The Regenerative Design Lab has been a truly powerful tool which has assisted me in developing my project further. I enjoyed the peer learning and meeting new people from different continents. There was a great atmosphere which encouraged meaningful connections, engaged learning time and good humor. The past 6 weeks has grown my confidence in the project I am responsible for and deepened my understanding in regenerative principles and the Framework.



The Regenerative Design Lab was an experience I would recommend to anyone who not only wants the tools for designing a project, organization, or holistic life around regeneration, but who also wants to be inspired by others seeking a similar emergent and regenerative path. All the tools, peers, and guidance from the nRhythm staff was beyond exceptional, and I can only say amazing things about the entire process. Thank you to all my peers and to those at nRhythm. Standing ovation!



The Design Lab created the space to take both a macro and micro look into how I design my Regenerative Framework. It was incredibly valuable to take the time to develop my holistic context, and I was surprised by the growth that happened during the 6 week lab. It was wonderful to connect with an international community, from various contexts and sectors, coming together to develop regenerative systems within our organizations.





The Regenerative Design Lab is a journey and cohort that all growth seeking leaders should have the opportunity to experience. Participating in the Design Lab helped me and my team to have the conversations, do the deep work and design the type of organizational context that we never would have imagined without it. Transformational!



The Regenerative Design Lab is the most impactful course I have taken all year! Highly recommend -- and definitely bring a friend. This completely restructured my organization and our impact.








Soil Centric's team really needed this class. We had a clear sense of our work, but not of our organizational design. You guys are brilliant and I wish more organizations could benefit from regenerative design principles.











Dr. Jeffrey Su

Managing Director 

Alexandra Groome Klement

Operations Manager

Jennifer Cates

Director of Client Support

Tay Lotte

Support Team Co-Lead

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I cannot make all of the sessions?
Will sessions be recorded?

What kind of materials will we receive?

Do you offer discounts?

Can my work place pay for this course?

How long we will have access to the materials?

How can I use the resources shared in this course?

nRhythm's work is open source. You are welcome to use what you learn in the course as you wish. We'd appreciate if you gave credit when you do utilize our materials though. 

Our Approach:

We believe that regenerative organizations are organized around specific guiding principles. These principles lead us in our design and decision-making, both with our clients and within our organization. At nRhythm, the foundation of our work are based on six Regenerative Design Principles. 

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